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Different Perspectives

To celebrate the 100th page of Different Perspectives being posted yesterday, I will be uploading the first 25 pages to DeviantArt as a preview to the series. If you don’t already know, there is a brand new page of Different Perspectives posted every single day on sapphirefoxx.com

To spread out the 25 free pages, I will be posting them once every two days instead. The artwork and story of the new comic have come a long way from the start of my first comic series, Shifting Roommates.

I hope you enjoy the introduction to the series, and if you enjoy it enough you can see it, and the growing gallery of comics and animations, at SapphireFoxx.com for only $5 per month. You’ll also have access to the existing 30 animations, and over 450 comic pages on the site.

Thank you,

Different Perspectives Page 1


SF Minecraft Server

Note about the Server: It’s Still 1.7.10

Hey folks, the Minecraft server is still on Bukkit 1.7.10 because there is no Bukkit 1.8 yet. In order to play on the server, set your game to 1.7.10, not 1.8.

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    It’s like a cross between Born Identity with a premises of JErkyll and Hyde went pick it up about the College freshman in the interrogation room because he’s the #1 suspect in killing a notorious drug Lord. He doesn’t remember this but they show a video of him in a short dress and heeled boots disaposal the gun. While he’s being told this is a eye change color as the female side of him is ready to come out and get out of there

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